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Advance Web Development

(Talent & Skills)

  • Class Duration: 3 MONTHS
  • Price: 30,000 PKR
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Qualification: Intermediate

Course Description

The Talent and Skills Institute in Faisalabad is thrilled to offer its comprehensive Advanced Web Development Course, designed to take participants web development skills to the next level. Building upon the foundations of web development, this course focuses on advanced techniques and technologies to enable participants to create sophisticated and cutting-edge websites and web applications. The Advanced Web Development Course at the Talent and Skills Institute covers a wide range of advanced topics, providing participants with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in cutting-edge web development concepts. The course focuses on advanced front-end and back-end development, JavaScript frameworks, responsive design, API integration, database management, security considerations, performance optimization, and scalability. The curriculum also emphasizes back-end development, equipping participants with advanced server-side programming skills. They will gain a deeper understanding of popular back-end frameworks like Node.js, Django, or Laravel, and learn to build robust and scalable web applications. Participants in the Advanced Web Development Course will have access to modern facilities and resources at the Talent and Skills Institute. The institute provides a conducive learning environment, including computer labs equipped with the latest software and development tools.
The faculty comprises experienced web developers who bring real-world expertise and industry best practices to the classroom. They provide guidance, offer practical insights, and assist participants in developing their advanced web development skills. Throughout the course, participants will engage in practical exercises and projects that simulate real-world scenarios. They will have the opportunity to work on complex web development projects, tackle challenges, and collaborate with their peers to solve problems collectively. Upon successful completion of the Advanced Web Development course, participants will have the skills and knowledge required to take their web development careers to the next level. Enroll in the Advanced Web Development Course at the Talent and Skills Institute in Faisalabad and elevate your web development skills to new heights.

What You will learn from this Course?

  • Advanced front-end design techniques using frameworks like Bootstrap and Materialize
  • Building complex and dynamic web applications
  • Server-side programming with and advanced concepts like event-driven programming and real-time communication
  • Introduced modern Java Script. AJAX, Jquery
  • Advanced database management with MySQL
  • Server Side programming with PHP
  • Security best practices for web applications
  • SERVER LIVE CONFIGURATIONS with Cpanel and uploading
  • Personality Development
  • Project Creation

Expected Salaries

Skill Level Avg Salary
25K - 40K
40K - 70K
70K - 250K
35K - 250K

Entry Requirements

  • No Degree Requirement
  • No Minimum Age Requirement
  • You Must Know How To Use a Computer

Course Certificate

On finishing your course, you will be eligible to get a ‘course completion certificate’.


We are Offering Interships to Our Students. After Completing Course, Students Will Be Provided With The Opportunity To Show Their Skills at Journey Online Software House.

Advance Web Development

Advance Web Development

Advance Web Development
  • Class Duration: 3 MONTHS
  • Lectures: 36
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Edu. Level: Intermediate

Course Price: 60000

Benefits of this Course

  • Job confirmation Chances 90%

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