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Ecommerce Web Development (Word Press) Course

(Talent & Skills)

  • Class Duration: 2 Months
  • Price: 15,000 PKR
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Qualification: Basic Knowledge of Computer and IT

Course Description

The Talent and Skills Institute in Faisalabad proudly offers its comprehensive Ecommerce Web Development (Word Press) Course, designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to create and manage professional and successful online stores. With a focus on practical skills and industry-relevant techniques, this course equips participants with the knowledge and expertise to create engaging and user-friendly ecommerce websites. The Ecommerce Web Development (Word Press) Course at the Talent and Skills Institute covers a wide range of topics, focusing on the creation, customization, and optimization of e-commerce websites using the popular content management system, WordPress. The course curriculum is meticulously designed to cater to individuals with varying levels of technical expertise, making it suitable for beginners as well as those with some prior experience in web development. Participants will learn about e-commerce principles, website planning and structure, user experience design, payment gateway integration, product management, inventory tracking, and search engine optimization (SEO) for e-commerce. One of the key highlights of the course is the emphasis on ecommerce-specific features and functionalities. Participants gain hands-on experience in integrating payment gateways, managing product catalogs, setting up shopping carts, and implementing secure checkout processes. They also explore strategies to enhance website performance, such as optimizing page load speed and implementing SEO best practices to attract organic traffic and boost online visibility.
Upon successful completion of the Ecommerce Web Development Course, participants will receive a recognized certification from the Talent and Skills Institute. This certification validates their expertise in e-commerce web development and enhances their employability in the digital industry. This certification can greatly enhance their career prospects, whether they aspire to work as web developers for leading organizations or venture into entrepreneurship by launching their own online stores. Additionally, the skills acquired during the Ecommerce Web Development Course empower participants to create their own online stores and embark on entrepreneurial endeavors. Enroll in the Ecommerce Web Development (Word Press) Course at the Talent and Skills Institute in Faisalabad and unlock the potential of e-commerce. Gain the skills needed to create, customize, and manage successful online stores using WordPress, a versatile and widely used platform.

What You will learn from this Course?

  • Prepare the system to run WordPress
  • Install WordPress and explore WordPress Dashboard
  • Change the appearance of WordPress site using themes
  • Use various types of Default content types in WordPress
  • Create custom content types in WordPress
  • Choose, Install and use different WordPress themes
  • Choose, Install and use different WordPress plugins
  • Use a Page builder (Elementor) and customize the website with that
  • Use the Menus, Sidebars & Widgets
  • Manage users in WordPress

Expected Salaries

Skill Level Avg Salary
25K - 40K
40K - 70K
70K - 250K
35K - 250K

Entry Requirements

  • No Degree Requirement
  • No Minimum Age Requirement
  • You Must Know How To Use a Computer

Course Certificate

On finishing your course, you will be eligible to get a ‘course completion certificate’.


We are Offering Interships to Our Students. After Completing Course, Students Will Be Provided With The Opportunity To Show Their Skills at Journey Online Software House.

Ecommerce Web Development (Word Press) Course

Ecommerce Web Development (Word Press) Course

Ecommerce Web Development (Word Press) Course
  • Class Duration: 2 Months
  • Lectures: 24
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Edu. Level: Basic Knowledge of Computer and IT

Course Price: 35000

Benefits of this Course

  • job confirmation chances 80%
  • Initial salary 35K - 55 K.
  • Freelancing Expected Earnings 78-80K
  • Start earning from Home
  • Helpful earning for household females
  • Freelance Earning Opportunity